Bardia Sadeghi is a Persian percussionist considered the innovator of a modern Persian approach to performing “Tombak and Daf.” Born in Iran in 1984, Sadeghi is the youngest percussion to play professionally in Iran, performing traditional Persian music at 3 years of age.

The Tombak is a cup-shaped percussion instrument capable of producing unique sounds. The instrument has recently become a stable in Persian folk music. In addition to playing in the center and the rim of the tombak, the percussionist may also play on the wooden frame, using finger rings to produce particular effects. Sadeghi’s virtuosic approach to playing the Tombak has introduced new musical approaches to using the instrument in modern Persian Pop Folk. He is particularly known for his unique use of rhythmic templates, rhythmic modulations, and ornamentation.

Sadeghi studied under Davood Yaseri, Mohammad Esmayeeli, Mahmud Farahmand, and Kourosh Bozorg. As a child prodigy percussionist, he played for two of Iran’s presidents, and was widely broadcasted in national television. Later he began performing percussion with some of Iran’s Pop Folk stars, including Delkash, Simin Ghanem, Nasser Masoudi, and various others. He has been featured as the youngest Tombak player in Iran in the book Men of Music of Iran, and received numerous awards. Sadeghi currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, and performs actively through the world.

Sadegui currently works with DAFAN, the first Persian female percussionists in North America. He authored the book “Step By Step To Tombak”, and has collaborated with numerous international musical artists.